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Executive Summary

Who we are:

Avicenna Therapeutic Technologies is a medical device and technologies development company that was formed in April 2016 to develop innovative medical products to address a pressing unmet need in healthcare; injectable medication storage and delivery issues. The first product that the Company will bring to market is a revolutionary extended stability and sterility vacuum sealed drug and vaccine delivery system.


The basic design of the standard syringe hasn’t changed in over 130 years and remains a barrel/plunger design that is either pre-filled or filled from a vial or an ampoule. While this format is still useful in some hospital and healthcare settings, it has hindered growth of the patient-centric, home use pre-filled syringe markets, which is estimated to be a $930 billion market by 2024 with a 10 - 12% annual growth rate (GRAND VIEW RESEARCH:




Avicenna Therapeutic Technologies, LLC has created a novel, ground-breaking, patented extended stability/sterility storage and injection system that operates on magnetic principles. The Magnetic Injection Syringe Technology (MISTÔ) consists of a magnetically-driven reusable actuator and vacuumed sealed, single-use disposable cartridges, offering six key advantages over current syringe/vial and pre-filled syringe formats:

  1. Substantially reduces manufacturing, filling, shipping, packaging and cold storage costs;

  2. Offers a 4-to-10-fold reduction in packaging footprint size versus existing pre-filled syringe formats and even greater reduction when compared to existing syringe/vial/ampoule formats;

  3. Improves product stability and sterility, which extends product shelf life and promotes longer drug expiration dating. This opens the possibility in remote parts of the world to receive life-saving vaccines and other parenteral medications not currently available due to constraints instorage, handling and distribution logistics. This new technology, will also obviate the need for cold storage in some cases, thus enabling ease of delivery anywhere in the world;

  4. Minimizes or eliminates leachable and extractable contaminants thus improving the therapeutic potency of the drug;

  5. “Greener technology” with over a 50 % reduction in disposable components (packaging etc.). It also minimizes the cold storage requirements and overfilling;

  6. Guarantees accurate unit dosing improving patient parenteral dosing efficacy and compliance.


Capital required:

Avicenna is currently raising $3.5 million in a Series A funding round that will be used for product development, hiring a management and professional team, obtaining 510K regulatory approval from the US FDA and targeting prospective customers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and syringe manufacturers who have shown interest in our concept.


Market, Competition and Customers:

The worldwide size of the syringe market right now is over $250 billion. While the pre-filled syringe markets are currently in double digits, it is growing more rapidly than other sectors and will continue to grow as administration of parenteral drugs move from hospitals and doctors’ offices to home settings. There are multiple competitors in the syringe market, which are led by Becton Dickinson, Vetter, Schott, Baxter, West Pharmaceutical Services etc. All of these companies offer pre-filled syringe designs using conventional barrel/plunger designs which is less than ideal for the present direction of patient care and the cost of drugs and healthcare.


Our customers will be pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty pharma and biosimilar drug companies that are seeking to control manufacturing costs, maintain product margins, reduce shipping and packaging costs and optimize injection of parenteral drugs and biologics by the patients who use them to maintain the quality of their lives.


Exit Strategy:

The exit strategy incorporates all possible scenarios that would benefit the shareholders and the investors. That include the IPO, sales of the company, and merger.


Management Profiles – Key executives:

Prof. Boris Zubry, MSME, MBA – Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and the Inventor of the Proposed Injection System.


Professor Zubry has over 40 years of educational and engineering experience in capital project management, engineering, packaging, machinery building, operations and training in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and the food Industries. Boris Zubry has left a wide trail of inventions throughout the industry.


Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Dalfoni Banerjee, BA in Biology, Principal Consultant & CEO, 3Sixty Pharma Solutions LLC;

  • Liviu Barbu, MSME, Principle, SC ProtoTypeTech SRL;

  • Ira Chalikonda, MS Molecular Biology;

  • John Ervin, RN, BSN, MBA, CPC

  • Martinez-Clark, BSEE, MBA;

  • Gail Comer, MD;

  • Konstantin (Konny) Caploon, Esq., BSME, MSBME, JD;


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